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Tumbler Information & Care Instructions

  • All tumblers are vacuum sealed, double wall stainless steel and will hold hot/cold drinks for an extended period of time- (unless otherwise noted)
  • All tumblers will include a lid and a straw- (unless otherwise noted)
  •  All tumblers are crafted with high quality glitter (if applicable) and sealed with FDA compliant epoxy.
  • Do NOT soak for any amount of time.
  • NOT microwave, freezer, or dishwasher safe!
  • Do NOT put in the freezer.
  • Do NOT leave in hot cars or any extreme temperatures.
  • While epoxy is very durable, it is NOT indestructible. If dropped it can crack, chip, or even shatter. Please treat your tumbler just like you would a glass mug. Cracked and/or broken tumblers will NOT be fixed or replaced for free.
  • Please remember ALL tumblers are HANDMADE and may have minor imperfections and/or specs of glitter on non-glitter cups. This is no way impacts the functionality, but adds a unique aspect to every order. No two tumblers will ever be exactly identical.

**Disclaimer – colors may differ slightly depending on the settings of each persons device.**

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